Karting Track

Karting track is a Sutton go kart circuit located in the UK with some tight lines and challenging turns. Follow the track or make your own, the choices are vast.

Official VelociDrone Leaderboard Overview (Version All)

Have you got what it takes to be in the official top 200? Your fastest lap will be recorded on each official track and shown on the relevant leaderboard below.

SSS - Track 14 Back

# Time Player Country Ranking Model Date
1 18.868 einknopf Germany 1380 Five33 Light Switch 17/01/2024
2 22.442 GongMyung Korea 1000 Five33 Light Switch 12/01/2024
3 22.442 Batman FPV (Beta Tester) United Kingdom 991 Five33 Light Switch 17/01/2024
4 160.509 atheo United States 1000 TBS Spec 16/01/2024