Fast paced FPV drone racing action with multiplayer and offline modes!

VelociDrone FPV Racing Simulator

VelociDrone is a fast paced multi-player and single player FPV drone racing simulator. Using real world racing drones you can fly through an unlimited array of custom tracks with a variety of gates and barriers to hone your racing skills. Some of the gates even move! Our Time attack mode also lets you set the pace and improve with every lap whilst racing against yourself.

VelociDrone Available - 03/11/2017

VelociDrone FPV Racing Simulator

VelociDrone will be released as a full download. Please login and download to upgrade, Previous verrsions can be deleted.You will not loose any settings or custom tracks.

Fixes and Enhancements

  • All scenes reworked to be more efficient for low specification computers
  • New options added - Camera draw distance and physics cpu usage to allow tailoring of the load on the system for low spec computers
  • Multiplayer and ghost quads now have a draw size modifier so they can easily be seen during a race rather than disappearing to a tiny dot very quickly when far away.
  • Ability for VelociDrone support to designate tracks as official on our servers without having to do a release containing those new tracks.
  • Race start toggle switch changed to support sprung switches
  • Quad prop/motor sounds updated so when you are FPV mode you hear the same sort of sounds you would hear from a GoPro session onboard (new sound sampled from a Chameleon running a GoPro session)
  • Quad prop/motor sounds line of sight use the previous velocidrone sounds as they were sampled using a standard mic listening at distance.
  • Fix the bug where on changing scenes/maps the UI freezes up and UI components get stuck on the screen
  • Ability to change the camera exposure in scenes using the , and . keys
  • Prop damage and quality settings notifications moved to the top of the screen so they aren't distracting
  • Networking code and voice chat code updated to latest levels
  • OSX moved to OpenGL shaders to fix issues with Metal shaders not working on older OSX versions
  • Prop shaders fixed on OSX so that glow rings for props are now seen line of sight
  • Quad weight slider now goes from 80% to 160% to allow for extra weight like GoPros
  • End of race status panel updates removed during a race as these were causing stutter when hosting. Race status panel is now only updated as players finish their race.
  • Prop power slider re-enabled as it was broken in 1-11
  • Updates to race start to stop quads getting frozen on the start grid
  • Video cut scenes at sim start removed and replaced with much faster images
  • VelociDrone desktop icon fixed
  • Fix rankjng bug where ranking becomes minus 2 million tenporarily during a session
  • Remove frame rate capping code as this was causing stutter issues
  • Various efficiency changes to increase game smoothness and help performance on Intel HD

VelociDrone 1.11 Available - 09/10/2017

VelociDrone FPV Racing Simulator 1.11

VelociDrone 1.11 will be released as a full download. It will not be possible to patch from 1.9 to 1.11. Please login to the VelociDrone website and download 1.11 to upgrade, version 1.9 can be deleted you will not loose any settings or custom tracks.

Feature Summary

  • River2 Scenery
  • City Scenery
  • RedBull Ring Scenery
  • RedBull DR.ONE track
  • 42 new tracks for various sceneries
  • French, German and Spanish language translation
  • Wind Tunnel based aerodynamics
  • New AcroBot Tru-X R197 Quad
  • New realistic crash dynamics
  • Auto Quality updates
  • Finer control of FPS with vsync off
  • Doubled network send rate in multiplayer for more accurate quad positioning
  • Birds / Butterflies rendering selectable from the menu rather than automatic
  • Hide mouse pointer in flight mode selectable in menu rather than automatic
  • Custom reset point on a tx switch
  • Efficiency updates to several scenes to improve performance

Track Editor Changes

  • Spline tool for track building
  • Rocks
  • Special Effects like fire, fog etc
  • RedBull DR.ONE gates
  • Ability to set any gate as position 0,0,0 for accurate offsetting gates from each other
  • F7 to automatically check reset points in a track
  • F9 to go straight to flight mode and back from track editor
  • Gates selection by mesh rather than bounding box, so selection through objects is possible

New Function

  • Pilot Ranking System active in single class mode
  • Online pilot ranking data
  • Prop Damage Simulation active in single class mod
  • Three BetaFlight Profiles per model - switchable from the tx
  • Forward or Deferred rendering selection
  • Demo flight functionality in time attack mode to help learn tracks
  • Track rating system for online track db
  • Fuzzy search inside the sim online track database

VelociDrone 1.9 Available - 24/06/2017

VelociDrone FPV Racing Simulator 1.9

VelociDrone 1.9 will be released as a full download. It will not be possible to patch from 1.8 to 1.9. Please login to the VelociDrone website and download 1.9 to upgrade, version 1.8 can be deleted you will not loose any settings or custom tracks.

New Features

  • Networking of player stick movements in multiplayer so when viewing another player you can see their stick movements
  • Buildings added to track editor
  • Track editor objects for nets, gates, flags, ground textures, gate towers, inflatable gates and pipework gates
  • Ground texture objects for track editor
  • Football white line object for track editor
  • Powerloop sign added to track editor
  • Sound listener can be moved from the quad to the start grid to give more realism to sound of the quad as if you were at a real race
  • Korean localization of the simulator
  • Rotor Racing track editor objects
  • Track Editor object info display to help with object placement, sizing and rotation
  • Automatic deadband configuration when setting up a new controller
  • FlowRotors Roosh 5L quad added
  • Uvify Draco quad added


  • Updated quad frame aerodynamics
  • Updated motor simulation
  • Updated Prop simulation
  • Multiple new tracks for various sceneries
  • Quadcopters PropGear Track
  • Weston Park 2017 track
  • Seoul World Championship track
  • Pulse chat box input box when focused to remind players to unfocus
  • GPU based flag animation to replace existing flag animations
  • VTX interference now configured on a slider
  • Increased height in several scenes to allow for higher dive heights on custom tracks
  • Some performance improvements to scenes at Fantastic level


  • Stop voice announcements from causing a pause when passing start/finish line
  • Reset betaflight gyro data on a crash to stop poor resets
  • Fix Bergundtal track having one gate blocked
  • No more bounce back on fast rolls/flips at low throttle
  • Stop gate indicator icons from building up on screen when a track is changed before a race ends in multiplayer
  • Fix QQ190, Vendetta, HighWind and NightHawk CG issues causing unwanted pitching in flight
  • Stop quads getting stuck to the start grid on a multiplayer race abort
  • Fix menu text overlaps on menu scenery selection screen

VelociDrone 1.8 Available - 11/04/2017

VelociDrone FPV Racing Simulator 1.8

VelociDrone 1.8 is now available. Details are as follows:


  • New race format selection: Choose from fastest time or timed 2 minute race modes
  • Updated end of race panel to show more data (mainly for the new timed race format)
  • Updated the race status panel so it updates every gate that is passed for any player (for the race manager only).
  • Gunshot effect to denote start of race


  • Multiplayer 'friend' functionality
  • Add/Delete friends
  • Find friends online
  • Join friends session

Control System

  • Make start race switch work on both toggle up and toggle down (rather than just toggle down)

Single Player

  • Option to have a 3-2-1 countdown or an immediate start with no countdown

Voice chat

  • Show who has their mic on in 'players in session' panel

Voice Announcement

  • Option to turn announcements on / off
  • Option to not mute the game sounds for announcements
  • Announce times only to two deceimal places and reduce time of motor muting accordingly

Time Attack

  • Import/Export time attack ghost data files
  • View ghost lap in FPV mode
  • View imported ghost lap in FPV mode
  • Race against imported ghost laps
  • Time attack ghost data management menus added


  • 6 new official tracks added


  • Stop racing in 3 lap mode from cutting the race short - and then allowing upload of invalid times
  • Stop the quad settings and ingame track change panels from being displayed at the same time
  • Stop the music player from invisibly shielding the save button in rates settings panel (for very high resolution screens)
  • Stop upload button from being displayed after a track change (so invalid times get uploaded)

VelociDrone Launch Trailer

VelociDrone Features

Online Multiplayer

Multiplayer support for up to 7 players.

Track Editing

Create any track you can imagine inside our custom editor.

Track Sharing

Share all of your custom tracks with anyone that joins your multiplayer session.

Line of Sight Flying

Practise your skills flying without the goggles!

Time Attack

Race against yourself to improve your lap times and become the ultimate racer!

Transmitter and Gamepad Support

Support for Taranis, Spektrum, Futaba, Turnigy, Interlink, VControl and Gamepads.

Real-Life Drones

All of our models are based on real life counterparts. Are you a manufacturer? Get in touch if you want your model in VelociDrone here.

Animated Gates

Some of our gates move, making our racing sessions much more interesting for those looking for more!

Scenery Editing

Not only can you create tracks, but you can add scenery objects too such as trees and other barriers.

Machine Minimum Requirements: Operating System: Mac OSX, Windows 7, 8 and 10 (64 bit only) CPU: Intel I3 1.7ghz. GPU: Intel HD4000. Memory: 4GB Disk: 3.85GB


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