Fast paced FPV drone racing action with multiplayer and offline modes!

VelociDrone FPV Racing Simulator

VelociDrone is a fast paced multi-player and single player FPV drone racing simulator. Using real world racing drones you can fly through an unlimited array of custom tracks with a variety of gates and barriers to hone your racing skills. Some of the gates even move! Our Time attack mode also lets you set the pace and improve with every lap whilst racing against yourself.

VelociDrone 1.13 Available - 25/10/2018

VelociDrone FPV Racing Simulator

Please login and download 1.13 to install.

In This Update

  • New kwads - Karearea Talon, Flynocerous Aether and Wonderous Drones Butterfly EVO
  • Two new sceneries - Bando and Indoor GoKart
  • Using splines in track editor optimised to not cause computer slow down when building tracks
  • Huge collection of Bando track editor objects added
  • Build real life tracks using an overhead image of the track in track editor as an overlay
  • All new UI for track editor
  • Animation of any track editor objects using splines
  • Metric and Imperial measurements for track editor
  • New leaderboard UI within the sim to check player leaderboard positions
  • Personal best 1 lap and 3 lap times held locally for all tracks in track selection panel
  • Personal best times highlighted in orange in the race summary dialog
  • New clone in place function in track editor
  • Thrust, translational lift and aerodynamic updates for more realism
  • Localize message boxes and add more language translations in to the sim
  • Upgrade video playback in tutorials section to HD 720P
  • New Relay functionality for team racing
  • Brightness and LUT selection buttons added to flight mode
  • True lens quality settings
  • Updates to betaflight for I term handling
  • Fixes to ground effect
  • Nvidia highlights added to Football Stadium and Empty Scene Day (experimental code)
  • Prop damage handling improved
  • 5050 and 5150 props added
  • Fix transmitter/controller dead zone issues so that it is automatically set correctly by default
  • Line of sight camera position can now be set to custom positions (shift L)
  • Make stick visualisation stay on when turned on rather than turn off after every race
  • Add message when joining manual mode sessions to remind that arm and turtle switches are needed
  • Fix tree colliders in countryside scene
  • Lots of small miscellaneous fixes to the UI

VelociDrone Multiplayer

VelociDrone Features

Online Multiplayer

Multiplayer support for up to 7 players.

Track Editing

Create any track you can imagine inside our custom editor.

Track Sharing

Share all of your custom tracks with anyone that joins your multiplayer session.

Line of Sight Flying

Practise your skills flying without the goggles!

Time Attack

Race against yourself to improve your lap times and become the ultimate racer!

Transmitter and Gamepad Support

Support for Taranis, Spektrum, Futaba, Turnigy, Interlink, VControl and Gamepads.

Real-Life Drones

All of our models are based on real life counterparts. Are you a manufacturer? Get in touch if you want your model in VelociDrone here.

Animated Gates

Some of our gates move, making our racing sessions much more interesting for those looking for more!

Scenery Editing

Not only can you create tracks, but you can add scenery objects too such as trees and other barriers.

Machine Minimum Requirements: Operating System: Mac OSX, Windows 7, 8 and 10 (64 bit only) CPU: Intel I3 1.7ghz. GPU: Intel HD4000. Memory: 4GB Disk: 10GB

Windows Users: DirectX 11.0

IOS and Linux: OpenGL


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