VelociDrone is a feature-packed simulator, suiting a range of flyers from novice through to world champions.

VelociDrone is an FPV simulator with online multiplayer, single player and offline multiplayer game modes. You can race against live opponents, race against the clock to beat you and your peers fastest times or race offline against recordings of other pilots flights in Nemesis mode.

With over 40 available sceneries, tens of thousands of tracks as well as multiple diverse freestyle environments.

Race or freestyle a multitude of different quads from micro quads all they way up to Mega quads and including the most popular spec class formats like Freedom Spec and Street League.

Ultra Detailed Quads
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(just a small sample of the available quads)

Additionally, you can indulge in combat with the combat premium pack and battle your friends in online deathmatch, team death match and capture the flag game modes.

VelociDrone is widely regarded as having the best physics of any FPV simulator on the market and the choice of racing simulator for MultiGP.

Not only this but we have the best track editor on the market with the velocidrone community fully in control of track development. The community controls and promotes what the community want to fly to our online verified tracks database. Placing the direction of track/environment content creation directly in the hands of the community.

Diverse Sceneries
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(just a small sample of the available sceneries)

Community Gameplay