Night Factory

Night Factory is a nighttime scenery set amongst factory units on and industrial site. Ideal for using our numerous neon gates.

Official VelociDrone Leaderboard Overview (Version 1.6)

Have you got what it takes to be in the official top 100? Your fastest lap will be recorded on each official track and shown on the relevant leaderboard below.

Factory Run More

# Time Player
1 8.449 AttoFPV

Mind The Gap More

# Time Player
1 21.632 AttoFPV

Neon Circuit More

# Time Player
1 18.216 AttoFPV

Pinch Points More

# Time Player
1 13.350 AttoFPV
2 13.908 cuxx

Pylons More

# Time Player
1 6.450 AttoFPV
2 7.315 Mook