Countryside is an open field scenery with some clear wide spaces to fly in combined with woodland areas for a mix of open and tight FPV drone racing.

Official VelociDrone Leaderboard Overview (Version 1.6)

Have you got what it takes to be in the official top 100? Your fastest lap will be recorded on each official track and shown on the relevant leaderboard below.

3D Championship 2016 Back

# Time Player Model Date
1 12.449 AttoFPV Krieger 200 19/01/2017
2 15.645 Porco777 (Beta Tester) Krieger 200 18/01/2017
3 17.594 Feathor Krieger 200 20/01/2017
4 19.949 TLY Lisam 210 19/01/2017